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Cyberlink Power2Go 6 Review

Conclusion: The best software around for burning DVD’s, HD DVDs and Blue-ray disks. Loaded with features and an easy to use interface.

I just upgraded one of my computers to Windows Vista in hopes that I would have a better multimedia experience than on XP. Well there were a lot of improvements and I was able to turn my PC into a center for multimedia however, I wanted to move a lot of the shows and movies off my computer and watch them in either my DVD player or my Blue-ray player.

I was looking for software that could burn Blue-ray and HD DVD disks as well as DVDs and thats when I came across CyberLink Power2Go 6. Power2Go has been around awhile as DVD burning software and has established a very reputable name however what really incited me about Power2Go 6 was the fact that it could burn the next gen formats like Blue-ray. Power2Go 6 can burn CDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs, and Blue-ray Disks. When I upgraded my computer to Vista I also added a Blue-ray burner (I know, I like to stay on top of my game) and I couldn’t wait to test it out.

Cyberlink Power2Go 6 has a brand new interface that is easy to navigate and use. Although I haven’t seen the interface on previous versions, the new interface has the same look and feel as Windows Vista – clean and glossy. The interface relies heavily on icons which as easy to understand and help you navigate and work quicker.

If you have Windows Vista you can also install a Windows sidebar widget for Power2Go that allows you to burn files right from the Vista sidebar. Although you don’t have quite as much control over the burning settings and what not, if you need to burn something onto a disk fast, this is a VERY useful feature.

Although Power2Go offers a ton of burning features, I often don’t like a very technical view and the software accommodates this by offering a simplified burning process. You just select the file, select where you want to burn it and your good to go. If you do like to mess around with the setting, there are A TON of them and you can choose data settings, auto-run, burning speed, and more.

I often move a lot of files from my home computer to work, and I use a password encrypted flash drive but it just doesn’t have the capacity of a DVD or Blue-ray disk. With Power2Go 6 you can protect disks you burn with 128-bit encryption and you can hide file names as well as choose to protect the entire just or just select files and data. I think I will be utilizing this feature a lot when the price of blank Blue-ray disks comes down a bit.

I also used Power2Go 6 to rip some of my CD’s to MP3s. Although this is a feature that has been present in programs for awhile, I’m glad that it was included in the software because It saves me the time of having open up iTunes or an additional program.

Overall Power2Go 6 is the most powerful DVD, HD DVD, and Blue-ray burning software. There are a ton of features that I didn’t have the chance to touch upon – pretty much everything you can think of is included in this program. I love the slick interface and icons. Power2Go 6 makes the burning process fast and easy and thats what’s most important.

You can find out more about Power2Go6 and Buy it Here

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